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AMSR-E Data Management Plan, August 2001

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AMSR-E Project Implementation Plan; Document # 422-12-17-04

Interface Control Document between the EOSDIS Core System (ECS) and the Science Investigator-Led Processing System (SIPS) Volume 0 Interface Mechanisms

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Working Agreement between the ESDIS Project and the Advanced Microwave Sounding Radiometer- Enhanced (AMSR-E) U.S. Principal CH01 Investigator (PI) for Standard Data Production Using the AMSR-E Science Investigator-led Processing System (SIPS); Document # 423-10-35

Interface Control Document between the EOSDIS Core System (ECS) and the Science Investigator-Led Processing Systems (SIPS) Volume 7: AMSR-E Science Investigator-Led Processing System Data Flows

AMSR-E Science Team Meeting Minutes, as reported in The Earth Observer

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Joint AMSR Science Team Meeting
14-16 July 2008
Telluride, CO

All presentations are in PDF.

Monday, July 14

9:00 Introduction Spencer & Shibata
9:00 News from NASA HQ Kakar
9:40 TLSCF status Conway
10:00 SIPS status  Regner
10:20 JAXA algorithm, processing, and archive status Sasaki
10:40 NSIDC status Leon
11:00 Science updates  
  AMSR-E Evidence for Changes in Precipitation Microphysics During Tropospheric Warming Spencer
  The Relation Between SST, Clouds, Precipitation and Wave Structures Across the Equatorial Pacific Rapp & Kummerow
  High Latitude Precipitation: AMSR, Cloudsat, AIRS Adler

Soil Moisture Active and Passive (SMAP) Mission

  On-Orbit Calibration of WindSat Wentz & Brewer
  Wind and Water Distribution over Ocean Liu
  Multiyear Ice Studies using AMSR-E and SSM/I data Comiso

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

830 Science Papers:  
Soil Moisture
  Update Status of Soil Moisture Algorithm Fujii
  Use of AMSR-E Land Parameter Modeling and Retrievals for SMAP Algorithm Development Chan
  Comparison of Land SurfaceTemperatures From Land Surface Models and Microwave and Infrared Satellite Retrievals Liang
  Mapping Terrestrial Water and Carbon Fluxes Using AMSR-E and MODIS Kimball
  Validations of AMSR-E soil moisture estimation in Mongolia and a renewal plan of ground-based monitoring instruments   Kaihotsu
  Merging of the RSS ocean parameters retrieval algorithm with the UW-Madison ocean precipitation algorithm Petty
  The relationship between observed land surface emissivities derived from AMSR-E +status of GPROF_2008 Kummerow
  Potential Improvements to the AMSR-E L2 Rain over Land Algorithm Ferraro
  Progress on a combined AMSR-E TMI Level 3 Oceanic Rainfall Algorithm
  Integration of the AMSR-E Ocean Products into the Existing Satellite Climate Record Wentz
  Comparison of relative wind directions retrieved from AMSR-E method and from Windsat polarimetric method Shibata
  Application of AMSR-E all weather ocean wind speed algorithm to Windsat data Saitoh (Sadao)
  Looking at AMSR-E Ocean Products
AMSR-E Water Vapor Movie
Sea Ice
  AMSR sea ice applications Meier
  An update of the March 2006 Arctic aircraft validation campaign Markus

Sea ice exchange between the Canadian Archipelago, the Arctic Ocean and Baffin Bay using enhanced AMSR-E imagery        



  Uncertainties assessment in the AMSR-E SWE product: atmospheric effects and grain size sensitivity


  Assessing the effect of physical temperature on SWE retrievals from AMSR-E observations Kelly

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

9:00 Applications
  Current status of AMSR-E data utilization in JMA/NWP
9:20 Instrument
  AMSR-E Geometric Correction Except for 89GHz Saitoh (Susumu)
9:40 GCOM Status Imaoka
10:00 Discussions: future of AMSR-E Science Team GCOM-W Science team Aqua/Terra/AMSR meeting in 2009 Lobl


13:00 JAXA Organization and Personnel Updates M. Tsuchiya
13:15 ESMO Update A. Kelly
13:30 EOS Aqua Status          W. Guit
13:50 AMSR-E/IST Operation Status at JAXA/EOC H. Takezawa
14:10 JAXA Report: Torque Status H. Motoi
14:45 Planning for Torque Contingency/Response to Red Limit J. Pawloski
15:15 EMOS: IST Activities/Future Plans P. Johnson
15:50 OA Updates (Personnel) JAXA/NASA
16:10 ESDIS Report K. Michaels/B. Krupp
16:25 Other Discussion Items  
16:40 Summary/Actions/Next Steps  
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