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Joint AMSR Science Team Meeting
28-29 June 2011
Asheville, NC

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Introduction Spencer, Shibata
HQ View Kakar
SSMIS and Plans for GCOM-W1 Bates
Global Warming Implications Spencer
AMSR-E Radiance Assimilation in JMA Numerical Weather Prediction System Kazumori
Version up of All-weather Wind Speed Algorithm Shibata
AMSR-E Calibration, Ocean Products, Validation Wentz, Brewer
Regional Changes in SEa Ice Cover and Ice Production in the Antarctic Comiso
GPROF Algorithm Status Kummerow
A View of Warm Rain from the A-train Lebsock
Status of Land Precip Algorithm Ferraro
AMSR-E and X-Cal Wilheit
Improvement of the AMSR-E Soil Moisture Algorithm Njoku
Plans for Improving the AMSR-E SM Algorithm Mladenova
Possible Improvements to the SM Product; Validation ... Wood
AMSR-E soil moisture and snow data assimilation Reichle
Recent Updates to the UMT AMSR-E Global parameter Database Jones
Ecosystem Studies Using the UMT AMSR-E Global Land Parameter Database Kimball

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

TLSCF Status Conway
SIPS and LANCE Regner
NSIDC Status Leon
Report on the Passive Microwave DAta Set Management Workshop Conover
Science-Relevant DAta Provenance: A Demonstration of the AMSR-E Provenance Browser Conover
JAXA: Processing, Archiving, and AMSR-E Operation Status Motoi
EORC Project Updates Yamanashi

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