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Joint AMSR Science Team Meeting
4-5 September 2013
Mandalay Beach, CA

Wednesday, 4 September

Status from NASA HQ Kakar
ESDIS status Michael
Aqua status Kelly
Summary of AMSR-E Recovery Guit
AMSR-E TLSCF status Conway
AMSR-E SIPS status
Global Imagery Browse Services (GIBS)
NSIDC status


JAXA processing status Yamanashi
GCOM-W1 AMSR2 intercalibration status of Brightness Temperatures Okuyama
Using WindSat as a calibration bridge from AMSR-E to AMSR2 Wentz
Evaluation of Alternatives for improving the AMSR Soil Mosisture Product Mladenova
Extension and application of an AMSR global land parameter data record for the ecosystem studies Du
Error estimates for soil moisture retrievals from AMSR-E and ASCAT Reichle
AMSR-E SWE activities, plans and Results Tedesco

Thursday, 5 September

Validation status of AMSR2 geophysical productsImaoka
JAXA 2-rpm AMSR-E processing status Takeshima
The transition for the AMSR-E rainfall algorithm to AMSR2 Duncan
Finalizing the AMSR-E GPROF product Randel
Updates to AMSR-E GPROF over land algorithm and applications to AMSR2 Ferraro

Analysis of uncertainties of passive microwave sea ice time series data
Daily Sea Ice 2012 (mp4)


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