Validation of AMSR-E and AMSU/HSB Level 1 Brightness Temperatures

and Level 2 Cloud and Precipitation Parameters at High Latitudes


PI: Ralf Bennartz
Institution: University of Wisconsin-Madison
Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences
1225 W. Dayton St.
Madison, WI 53706
Phone: 608-265-2249
FAX: 608-262-0166

- Grant W. Petty, University of Wisconsin, Madison, Wisconsin
- Daniel B. Michelson, Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute, Norrkoping, Sweden


NASA EOS-PSO funding through FY02: $163,101


The project aims at validating AMSR-E and AMSU/HSB products at high latitudes (50-70 degrees north). Validation will be done on retrieved. The validation will focus on the Baltic region, thus covering a high latitude area, which complements existing validation efforts in the mid-latitudes and tropics. As validation datasets, operational radiosounding and surface reports, as well as output of an operational mesoscale model (HIRLAM, run at SMHI), will be available. For precipitation retrieval validation we will use the unique, high-density gauge-calibrated radar dataset collected and provided by the Baltic Sea Experiment?s (BALTEX) Radar Data Centre (BRDC). BRDC is operated by the Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute (SMHI). BRDC aims at collecting data from as many radars and gauges in or proximate to the Baltic region as possible, deriving and archiving homogenous data sets. During the Main Observational Phase (October 1999-February 2002), data will be available from 25 radars in six countries covering the entire Baltic region every 15 minutes.
A number of distinct AMSR-E and AMSU/HSB products will be validated. Here we list the different parameters that will be validated.

1. Level 1 Beam pointing accuracy of AMSU/HSB, AMSR-E. We will assess the accuracy of the navigation of AMSU, HSB, and AMSR-E
2. Level 2 of AMSR-E cloud liquid water. We will validate AMSR-E cloud liquid water retrievals using MODIS as a reference for cloud-free areas.

3. Level 2 Accuracy of AMSR-E and precipitation algorithm over land. The validation of precipitation products will involve standard statistical comparison of gauge-calibrated radar data with the precipitation retrievals as well as forward modeling based on NWP and radar data.

4. Level 2 Accuracy of AMSR-E precipitation algorithm over water. The profiling algorithm proposed for AMSR-E will be validated for high latitudes via comparison with three-dimensional radar volume scans.

5. Level 2 Accuracy of AMSU/HSB precipitation. AMSU/HSB precipitation screening and retrieval will be assessed for high latitudes.