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In-House Publications

NASA’s Tropical Cloud Systems and Processes Experiment
Halverson, J.,  M. Black,  S. Braun,  D. Cecil,  M. Goodman,  A. Heymsfield,  G. Heymsfield,  R. Hood,  T. Krishnamurti,  G. McFarquhar,  M. J. Mahoney,  J. Molinari,  R. Rogers,  J. Turk,  C. Velden,  D.-L. Zhang, E. Zipser, and R. Kakar
Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society
Volume 88, Issue 6 (June 2007) pp. 867-852

Classification of Tropical Oceanic Precipitation using High-Altitude Aircraft Microwave and Electric Field Measurements
Robbie Hood, Daniel J. Cecil, Frank J. LaFontaine, Richard J. Blakeslee, Douglas M. Mach, Gerald M. Heymsfield, Frank D. Marks Jr., Edward J. Zipser, and Michael Goodman
Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences
Volume 63, Issue 1 (January 2006) pp. 218-233

Factors Affecting the Evolution of Hurricane Erin (2001) and the Distributions of Hydrometeors: Role of Microphysical Processes
Greg M. McFarquhar, Henian Zhang, Gerald Heymsfield, Robbie Hood, Jimy Dudhia, Jeffrey B. Halverson, and Frank Marks Jr.
Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences
Volume 63, Issue 1 (January 2006) pp. 127-150

Overview of the Convection and Moisture Experiment (CAMEX)
Kakar, R., M. Goodman, R.E. Hood, A. Guillory
Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences
Volume 63, Issue 1 (January 2006) pp. 5-18

Combined Radiometer/Radar Microphysical Profile Estimations with Emphasis on High-Frequency Brightness Temperature Observations
Gail M. Skofronick-Jackson, James R. Wang, Gerald M. Heymsfield, Robbie Hood, Will Manning, Robert Meneghini, and James A. Weinman
Journal of Applied Meteorology
Volume 42, Issue 4 (April 2003) pp. 476-487

High-Resolution Passive Microwave Observations of Convective Systems over the Tropical Pacific Ocean
Gary McGaughey, Edward J. Zipser, Roy W. Spencer, and Robbie E. Hood
Journal of Applied Meteorology
Volume 35, Issue 11 (November 1996) pp. 1921-1947

Behavior of an Inversion-Based Precipitation Retrieval Algorithm with High-Resolution AMPR Measurements Including a Low-Frequency 10.7-GHz Channel
E.A. Smith, X. Xiang, A. Mugnai, R.E. Hood, and R.W. Spencer
Journal of Atmospheric and Oceanic Technology
Volume 11, Issue 4 (August 1994) pp. 858-873

Active and Passive Microwave Remote Sensing of Precipitating Storms During CaPE. Part I: Advanced Microwave Precipitation Radiometer and Polarimetric Radar Measurements and Models, Meteorology and Atmospheric Physics
Turk, J., Vivekanandan, J., Marzano, F.S., Hood, R.E., Spencer, R.W., and F.J. LaFontaine
Special Issue on Retrieval of Hydrological Variables from Space-based Microwave Instruments
Volume 54 (1994) pp.3-27.


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