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 Was there flooding?
 If yes, how severe?
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   Unusual (seen every few years)
   Severe (seen once a decade)
   Extreme (seen once in a lifetime)

This page allows for asynoptic data reports, for use when there is a major storm or unusually heavy rainfall event. These reports are optional, and are in addition to regular reporting, so make your daily report at the regular time, and include the rainfall that you've reported here. This data will be forwarded to CoCoRaHS and put into a special database. For example, it begins storming at 9:15 and finally stops at noon, for a total of 2.00 in. You would come to this page and enter 9:15 to 12:00, with 2.00 in as the rain amount. Over the rest of the day, it rains another 0.50 in, so that the next morning the gauge reads 2.50 in. You would then report to the Daily Report page as usual, entering 2.50 in.


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