Presented above is a cumulative anomaly graph for the National Weather Service's recording site at the Huntsville International airport. It is keyed ("zeroed") off of the break between 2000 and 2001, in order to make it compatible with the CHARM Cumulative Anomaly Graph for 2001 onward. In other words, the zero point is picked arbitrarily (or conveniently, in this case), and all surplus or deficit is relative. The values used to calculate the Climatological Average are the ones the National Weather Service uses, the Huntsville Airport values from 1970-2000. With the CHARM network, it may be possible at some point to improve the quality of those average or "normal" values, by including both a greater span of time and an infinitely higher sampling rate around Madison County and its environs. What is an average value at the Airport is not necessarily an average value for Madison County, or Ditto Landing, or east of Green Mountain.

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