2007 Alabama Drought

   This map covers the drought from January 1 through June 12, which is just a few days before the rain began to pick up. Note that this map shows deficit, i.e. the higher the number, the greater the deficit, and the less rain a region received.

NSSTC at the center of the map got some of the greatest deficit in Huntsville, and the eastern half of the county went through a significantly worse drought that the southwest section and Limestone County to the west.

: 11.65 in.
: 16.86 in.

Note: These deficits were calculated as total rain subtracted from the NWS climatological average, . That historical average for this time frame, 28.32 in., is the sum of the means of January through May, plus 12/30 of July's, as a rough estimate (climatology source). The NWS uses the data from 1970 to 2000 recorded at the Huntsville International Airport, Madison County's official weather station. This map differs from the monthly plots in the way sites were chosen. It lacks the rejected data points (usually plotted in red), as only sites that were good in every constituent month were plotted, resulting in less data points, but high reliability.

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