June 4 Rainfall Map

   An isolated but intense thunderstorm rolled through the Huntsville / Madison County region in the late afternoon and early evening of June 4, 2001, dropping several inches of rain over the CHARM network. The figure at the left presents the CHARM analysis for the storm event. Since the evening storm was the only rain event that occurred on June 4 or 5, the CHARM 24h totals represent the storm totals from the evening of June 4. The analysis shows a maximum over eastern Huntsville and Madison County with the largest reported value of 2.96" at gauge #54. This maximum is supported by slightly smaller values stretching to the west over downtown Huntsville. A secondary maximum exists over the Madison - Limestone county line near the City of Madison with the largest reported rainfall amount of 2.73". Lesser values, still exceeding 1.00" of rain, extend in a west-to-east orientation through the center of the CHARM network. Northern and extreme southern regions of the CHARM network received as little as 0.10" of rain from this storm. Compare the CHARM storm totals to the radar estimates from Hytop Doppler Radar and Nashville Doppler Radar

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