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Lead PI and Center: Cynthia Rosenzweig, Goddard Institute for Space Studies
Title:  Urban Vulnerability Assessment for the Health and Infrastructure Sectors
Proposal Type: Assessment Capabilities & Products

A partnership between the NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies (GISS) and the Marshall Space Flight Center (MSFC) would develop Assessment Capabilities and Products for urban areas, and for the urban infrastructure and public health cross-cutting theme of the National Climate Assessment (NCA) (pending FAC approval).

Proposed Effort:
Our effort explores regional vulnerabilities to climate variability and change in urban areas using an end-to-end approach that combines:

  1. statistically downscaled projections from CMIP phases 3 and 5 global climate models from GISS and the wider ensemble,
  2. impact assessment based on empirical approaches and analysis of the infrastructure (e.g., energy, transportation, and water) and health (e.g., heat-related mortality) sectors, and
  3. inventory of adaptation strategies in the infrastructure and health sectors, and testing of adaptation and mitigation strategies to reduce risks associated with heat waves.

This work would complement our contributions (some externally-funded) to the Urban, Northeast Region, and Southeast and Caribbean Region chapters of the NCA, including an assessment of unique challenges to cities of different regions and populations.

One unique element is the integration of local land use and microclimatic data on urban heat islands and extreme precipitation into the regional downscaling and scenarios generation framework, incorporating retrospective (Re-)analyses such as the NASA GMAO MERRA, and satellite products including MODIS. Another unique element is the application of a risk management and adaptation approach that has successfully been implemented at NASA Centers to the infrastructure and health sectors in urban areas nationwide. A third element will be the advancement of an Indicators and Monitoring Program, based on NASA products that have been identified through the center inventories developed as part of the Climate Adaptation Science Investigator Work Group (CASI) Phase I activities.

Project Publications:

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