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Lead PI and Center:  Graeme Stephens, Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Title:  Proposal to Participate in the 2013 NCA Sections Writing Teams
Proposal Type:  NCA Sections

In my view climate assessment activities are an essential tool both for establishing the scientific level of understanding of climate change and for the distillation of this understanding into the most policy-relevant climate science. It is thus essential that these assessments draw from the most up-to-date body of scientific information and be based on the most solid science basis possible. The national assessment in particular brings more of a focus to regional climate change. Given that regional climate projections are even more uncertain than global projection, then the need to connect to the most up-to-date science even more pressing.

I am also an IPCC lead author and thus I am familiar with the rigor and completeness required for a scientific assessment of this nature and the timeliness needed to write such reports.

Proposed Effort:
This is a proposal to contribute to the writing of the 2013 NCA Sections, specifically the section on the ‘Scientific Basis for Climate Change.’  I believe I have much to offer the writing teams particularly on the scientific basis of climate change and have a great desire to contribute to this important endeavor. My own research has contributed much to understanding of some of the most important aspects of climate change and I have deep knowledge of the clouds, precipitation and aerosol effects on climate – all areas where our understanding is unsatisfactory and where clear statements about levels of understanding will need to be made in the assessment.

I can thus offer insights into climate prediction uncertainty, especially in the area that relates to precipitation and water cycle changes.