Observing Microwave Emissions for Geophysical Applications

OMEGA Sensor Engineering Lab

The OMEGA sensor engineering lab comprises approximately 1000 square feet of work space. Equipment in the lab includes: an LPKF circuit board milling facility, milling machine, solder stations, oscilloscopes, network analyzers, and spectrum analyzers. These tools are used to develop prototype circuit boards for use in antenna system control, robotic control, and sensor readout. The lab is also used to develop prototype antenna systems currently for L-Band applications.

In addition to the OMEGA lab, access to Marshall Space Flight Center's antenna test range is available for testing of OMEGA-developed antenna systems. This range includes an L-Band certified anechoic chamber, and three outdoor test ranges. Access is also provided to Marshall's Pick-n-Place machine which provides automated population and soldering of circuit boards designed by the OMEGA team.


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